Trophy Blaster Set

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Whitetail Grounds is the #1 choice in deer scents & lures.

Trophy Blaster Set comes with a nice selection to get you through the season.

1- 5oz Bottle of Trophy Blaster in Buck Scrape, Rutting Buck, Doe All Season, Doe Estrus, & Certified Peak Doe Estrus  

That is 5 units to aid you through your season. 

This set delivers the products you will use from early season scouting, patterned early season sits, to pre & post rut hunts. Whitetail Grounds lures are an unique blend of 100% natural deer urine along with the key secret ingredient which draws bucks into your desired location. We strive to deliver safe and disease-free products that exceeds USDA standards and ATA Deer Protection Program guidelines in every bottle. Bottled and shipped fresh typically in less than 5 days.

Whitetail Grounds also produces a variety of other natural deer lures to aid in a memorable season. Whitetail Grounds "is setting you up" all season long.