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Promotes Antler Growth & Herd Nutrition

If you are ready to take your deer herd to the next level then look no farther. Whitetail Grounds is setting you up with another quality product.

Parker is made from all natural ingredients providing supernatural results!

Must hunters mistakenly only think about herd nutrition and antler growth during summer and fall months. Providing Parker to your deer year round gives your herd more potential for antler development for the upcoming season. Most importantly it provides additional nutritional value to your herd including nursing does and growing fawns.


Benefits over other products:

-Attracts deer from neighboring areas

-Improves genetics & decreases malnutrition 

-Provides nutrition to entire herd especially nursing does & growing fawns

-Doesn't waste money feeding squirrels or raccoons


Recommended Replenishment Rates

-One 8.5lb bag per 50lb of feed

-One 8.5lb bag every two weeks

-One 8.5lb bag = 6'x6' square

-Use year round for maximum results


Guaranteed Analysis:

Sodium Chloride- min 65% max 67%, Calcium- min 15.5% max 17%

Selenium- min 66ppm, Iodine- min 52ppm