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Trophy Blaster Rutting Buck 2oz. or 6oz.
Trophy Blaster Rutting Buck 2oz. or 6oz.

Trophy Blaster Rutting Buck 2oz. or 6oz.

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Deer urine and attractants are not legal in all States and Providences. Be sure to check before use.

For years Whitetail Grounds has provided quality products. Serious hunters expect consistent results bottle after bottle and WTG puts just as much focus on delivering products we use ourselves. 

1 of the most common questions asked is how long is Whitetail Deer urine good for? You will hear answers all across the board from companies. Science has shown that urine starts to breakdown immediately after coming out of the deer. The most pure way of preserving the urine in its original state is by freezing it. Then you simply thaw it out 36 hours before it’s intended use. 

So purchase WTG today and use it next year if need be but experience the difference in the WTG products and know that Whitetail Grounds is Setting You Up!


Whitetail Grounds is the #1 choice in deer scents & lures. Our Trophy Blaster line extends the aroma at your locations where it is dispensed. Comes in a 2oz or 6oz. bottle for ease of releasing your Trophy Blaster.

This product is so hot we had to freeze it!

Whitetail Grounds Trophy Blaster Rutting Buck is an unique blend of 100% natural buck urine along with the key secret ingredient which draws bucks into your desired location. Rutting Buck is the key product during the rut to make the dominant bucks in your area a little more territorial during this key time of the year. Why just cover up your smell when you can expose WTG into the air and utilize the curiosity of these boys.

We strive to deliver safe and disease-free products that exceeds USDA standards and ATA Deer Protection Program guidelines in every bottle. Bottled and shipped fresh typically in less than 5 days.

Whitetail Grounds also produces a variety of other natural deer lures to aid in a memorable season. Along with the one of the most realistic smelling synthetic urines available.


Whitetail Grounds "is setting you up" all season long.