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Trophy Blaster Buck Scrape 5oz.

Trophy Blaster Buck Scrape 5oz.

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Whitetail Grounds is the #1 choice in deer scents & lures. Our Trophy Blaster line extends the aroma at your locations where it is dispensed. Comes in a 5oz wide mouth bottle for ease of releasing your Trophy Blaster.

Whitetail Grounds Trophy Blaster Buck Scrape will put the bucks in your area on search for the new deer in his woods. Trophy Blaster Buck Scrape lure is an unique blend of 100% natural buck urine along with the key secret ingredient which draws bucks into your desired location. Trophy Blaster Buck Scrape is great for anytime of year to peak the interest of other bucks and will really dial them in come rut. We strive to deliver safe and disease-free products that exceeds USDA standards and ATA Deer Protection Program guidelines in every bottle. Bottled and shipped fresh typically in less than 5 days.

Whitetail Grounds also produces a variety of other natural deer lures to aid in a memorable season. Whitetail Grounds "is setting you up" all season long.