Not all states allow the use of Natural Deer Urine or attractants!

Synthetic Doe Estrus 2oz. or 6oz.
Synthetic Doe Estrus 2oz. or 6oz.

Synthetic Doe Estrus 2oz. or 6oz.

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For years Whitetail Grounds has provided quality products.  With the changes in regulation in some states. We know that serious hunters expect consistent results bottle after bottle and WTG puts just as much focus on delivering products we use ourselves. 

The look is over!! No worries on how the deer will respond and if it smells like the real thing. Just pop the top and put WTG Synthetic Urine to work. Whitetail Grounds is Setting You Up!


Whitetail Grounds is the #1 choice in deer scents & lures. Comes in a 2oz or 6oz bottle with a squirt cap for ease of use.

Whitetail Grounds Synthetic Doe Estrus has been tested and proven to work like the real thing. This product is perfect for that sweet time of the year during the rut. Why just cover up your smell when you can expose WTG into the air and utilize the curiosity of these boys.


Whitetail Grounds also produces a variety of other natural deer lures to aid in a memorable season. Along with the one of the most realistic smelling synthetic urines available.


Whitetail Grounds "is setting you up" all season long.